What’s the Difference Between Lagree and Pilates?

When Sebastian Lagree first developed Lagree Fitness in 1998, he borrowed foundations from Pilates. However, Lagree Fitness is not just another version of Pilates. Through extensive research and integration of other fitness concepts, there are many factors that differentiate Lagree methods from Pilates altogether. Because Lagree Fitness combines high-intensity bodybuilding techniques and low-impact concepts of Pilates, Lagree Fitness participants achieve quicker, safer, more effective results, distinguishing Lagree Fitness from than any other fitness program.

Here are 5 distinguishing factors between Lagree and Pilates:

1. Balance vs. Flexibility

While Pilates is known for focusing on flexibility to develop strength, Lagree integrates balance training into movements to achieve safer, more effective results. Because of this equal focus on balance, Lagree Fitness participants uniquely stretch muscles and increase flexibility while also preventing and healing chronic back issues and other injuries. Sebastien Lagree’s years of research on developing this foundation of Lagree Fitness has proven balance training to be an integral element of the program far different than Pilates.

2. The Lagree-Count

The Lagree-count—reps that are held for no less than eight seconds—simply slows down movement, allowing participants to focus on muscle groups with control, rather than rely on momentum like in Pilates. Because of this slower pace of controlled reps, results are achieved more rapidly and there is little to no risk of injury.

3. Integration of Bodybuilding

Perhaps the most distinguishing factor of Lagree Fitness from Pilates is the incorporation of the superset technique. This idea is borrowed from bodybuilding and targets the same muscle group by enforcing a succession or two or more sets of the same exercise. This allows for an increased intensity of movement in a shorter amount of time while keeping safety a priority.

4. Overloading Muscles to Build Strength

Instead of focusing on specificity as in Pilates, the Lagree method enforces bringing the body past its edge and out of its comfort zone completely through muscle overload. Enforcing constant improvement of strength and form, Lagree fitness methods heighten resistance, time, and intensity with slow movements and little to no recovery periods, ensuring faster results while also avoiding fitness plateaus.

5. Circuit Training and Cardio

Unlike Pilates, Lagree uses circuit training to keep the heart rate up and strengthen both heart and lung health. Why is this so important? Moving quickly between one exercise to the next works muscle groups intensely, burning more calories to promote strength training that build muscle effectively and quickly.

Start building strength with Lagree Fitness today!

Is the Lagree Fitness method more intense than Pilates and bodybuilding combined? We think so. Even the most advanced Lagree Fitness participant will keep growing and building muscle through this high-intensity, low-impact, injury-free fitness program.


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