Sebastien’s Association with the USEA


Sebastien Lagree’s ceaseless passion for underwater life remains paramount in his mission. With a profound love for the sea and all its inhabitants, Sebastien began intimately working with the Undersea Soft Encounter Alliance (USEA) in an effort to preserve and enhance the lives of orcas, dolphins, and sharks. Since the start of his involvement, Sebastien has participated in a countless number of deep-sea diving expeditions to aid in the research and protection of the sea creatures that allow our earth to be as beautiful and dynamic as it is.

I discovered the Undersea Soft Encounter Alliance (USEA) through my passion for diving and oceanography. I love to swim and dive with whales, sharks, dolphins, and the occasional giant sea turtle. It was during a trip to Norway to dive with the Orca Whales that I was introduced to the man behind USEA—Pierre Robert De Latour. He taught me how so much of the life we enjoy on land is the result of the ecology beneath the surface—specifically the relationship between orca whales, plankton, and oxygen production.

By saving the whales, we save ourselves. Pierre’s cause goes beyond just preserving the orca species. Pierre considers orca whales to be our marine counterpart. Here at Lagree Fitness, we are proud to support these efforts. We firmly believe in Pierre’s mission and want to help spread his message.

- Sebastien Lagree

About the USEA

USEA strongly believes that upcoming generations will be the pioneers of our earth’s future, making it our responsibility to teach our youth the moral and ethical principles of marine conservation. While the journey is one that must be tended to constantly, it is one that will directly impact the way in which each of us lives. By placing the anti-captivity movement and the dedication to research and studies at the forefront of USEA’s goals, there is hope that our ocean may be protected and cherished for future generations.

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