Partnered with Duet to Remedy the Refugee Crisis


When the thought of connecting his passion for fitness with his passion to help those in need crossed Sebastien’s mind, there was no stopping him. His partnership with Duet and their combined missions to alleviate problems caused by the refugee crisis fueled Sebastien’s decision to get involved right away.

Now, Sebastien Lagree is leading Duet’s fitness series called Reps for Refugees, a series designed to engage all donors of Duet in an exciting, energetic environment that gets participants excited about their fitness journeys and their contribution to making this world a better place.


Reps for Refugees, commonly referred to as Sundays with Sebastien, takes place on Sunday mornings and goes on for a total of 50 sweat-producing minutes. While the class is free to join, donations are encouraged, and all proceeds are then given to Duet to aid in their mission to remedy the refugee crisis using a variety of innovative solutions that have proven to be effective.

Donors are welcome to join the in-person class which primarily takes place at Lagree Fitness headquarters, or they may join via Zoom where they can participate from the comfort of their own home or gym. Duet and Sebastien Lagree’s mission to involve donors aims to do the following:

1. Strengthen local economies
2. Empower families in need
3. Enhance the donor experience through an innovative method of giving

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As a web-based, nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, Duet connects resettled refugees and the donors of Duet to support the local economies where refugees relocate. Duet was founded by University of Southern California students within a Civil Engineering class that focused on studying and creating aid for the refugee crisis between Syria and Europe. In doing so, Duet created a solution for three critical issues:

1. Duet has addressed the lack of autonomy: Duet values the feedback of the refugees and empowers them by providing the choice to request the items they need most.

2. Duet is bettering the local economies: Because refugees do not typically have disposable income, they are unable to spend at local shops, which can negatively affect their local economies

3. Duet is dedicated to building real connections: Duet aims to make the donation process personal so that donors and refugees can connect on a deeper level, even if the platform is based online.

Get Involved with Duet and Sebastien’S Mission to Elevate the World

Without a doubt, Sebastien Lagree’s mission to help others conquer their fears, goals, and aspirations extends beyond the studio walls. In every step, Sebastien’s passion to elevate the world, and not just the fitness industry, is apparent.

To learn more about how you can get involved, reach out to the Lagree Fitness team!


To learn more about how you can join Sunday’s with Sebastien, reach out to our team!


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