As the inventor, CEO, and founder of Lagree Fitness, Sebastien Lagree continues to push the limits of the fitness industry. His ceaseless efforts to elevate the fitness world have proven to be effective. With 100 patents, the creator of a method named the #1 workout on ClassPass, and with a brand that is recognized worldwide, it’s no secret that Sebastien Lagree is spearheading the industry’s evolution.

Evolution is Key: Innovating, Developing, and Executing Since 2001.

When it comes to an entire industry reformation, evolution is key—and evolution is something Lagree never shies away from. Whether it’s innovating an entire new exercise method, a piece of equipment to amplify movements and results, or a new way of launching studios with zero-franchise limitations, Lagree continues to put his best foot forward—elevating the entire industry to a whole new level and creating an entire new standard for doing fitness.

Fascinated by science, technology, and health, Lagree’s process of evolution is simple: Experiment. Try. Execute. When step three poses an issue, Lagree restrategizes and applies a new approach until execution is met. Regardless of the challenges at hand, Lagree remains steadfast through unexpected outcomes and is sure to deliver an unflawed result. It’s no wonder Lagree is the proprietor of 100 patents and continues to meet the current and future demands that keep Lagree Fitness at the forefront of the industry.

Inventor of a Tested, Tried, and True Fitness Method

As Lagree Fitness becomes a household name in the fitness industry, so does the Lagree Fitness method—and it’s for good reason! This high intensity, low impact, core focused, muscular strength, and endurance driven method delivers rapid results when compared to other forms of exercise. In fact, Sebastien Lagree’s proven method continues to substantiate its effectiveness—allowing participants to achieve ample results in as little time as possible—with classes as quick as 20-minutes. Now, this method is licensed by more than 500 fitness studios worldwide!

Of course, the creation of this method didn’t occur by chance. With a passion for bodybuilding and strength training, Sebastien Lagree sought out to create a method that would deliver immediate, long-lasting results without negative side-effects often caused by high-impact movements and exercises. Utilizing his extensive training background along with ample research and science, the Lagree Fitness method was born—and it’s thriving!

Inventor of Equipment Created Years Before It’s Time

The Lagree Fitness method isn’t the only thing that sets the brand apart. As an extension to the method, Sebastien Lagree has created and continues to create fitness equipment that is known to be years ahead of its time. Since inventing the very first Lagree Fitness equipment in 2006, known as the Proformer, the collection of Lagree Fitness equipment continues to expand, offering clientele new heights in their fitness programs and a wide range of on-the-go options for even the busiest, most well-traveled clients.

As the years progress, Sebastien Lagree remains dedicated in his passion to create more exciting products and opportunities which gym owners, fitness enthusiasts, and Lagree Fitness fanatics can enjoy and thrive with!

The Evolution of Lagree Fitness


The growth of Lagree Fitness is not Sebastien’s only focus. With a deep-seeded love for the roots of fitness, Sebastien continues to push the industry out of its comfort zone in order to help others reach new heights in their health and fitness. In his documentary titled The Future of Fitness, Sebastien travels the country to hear individual testimonials and meet with other luminaries in the field. Through the documentary, Sebastien crafts a story which examines why a society obsessed with fitness is so unhealthy. Sitting still may not be in his blood, but pushing the fitness industry into an entire new realm of evolution is.

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