When Sebastien Lagree isn’t teaching a class, developing a new machine to push the fitness industry out of its comfort zone, or training other Lagree instructors around the world, he can be found spending time working with the charities and partnerships he has developed over the years. Sebastien’s dedication to helping those in less fortunate situations and aiding in the remedies of global issues is one of his greatest passions that he hopes to share with each person and company he interacts with.

Sebastien’s Association with the USEA

As a lover of the ocean and with a passion for wild sea creatures, Sebastien has been a longtime member of the Undersea Soft Encounter Alliance (USEA), a network of professional divers that is focused on understanding orca, whale, and dolphin communication while also connecting the general public to scientific information gathered by marine biologists, researchers, and scientists. Much like Sebastien, the USEA believes “information is power” and, as such, the entire team, Sebastien Lagree included, is doing their part to preserve the beautiful species found below the surface of the sea.

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Partnered with Duet to Remedy the Refugee Crisis

Sebastien’s ceaseless passion to help others in need translates in a multitude of ways, including in his partnership with Duet, a non-profit organization that aims to connect donors with vulnerable refugee families. As a donor, Sebastien Lagree has stepped in to lead Reps for Refugees, a fitness series that is aimed at engaging existing and new donors in a sweaty, fat-burning, active environment. Each 50-minute Reps for Refugees workout is donation-based, and all proceeds go to support Duet’s innovative solutions that help refugees in desperate need.

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