The 2020 Lagree Fitness May Megaformer Challenge Is Announced

Win Prizes and Transform Your Body at Your Favorite Lagree Fitness Studio

Sebastian Lagree will be awarding winners with amazing prizes and participants will see an exciting transformation in the 5th annual May Megaformer Challenge. This contest is a global transformation challenge, open to participants all over the world who want to push themselves and reveal their inner Lagree Fitness warrior. Read on and learn all the important details and dates of this challenge, running May 1st through May 31st of 2020.

Tell Me About the Prizes

The May Megaformer Challenge will award winners with three awesome prizes, presented by Sebastian Lagree himself:

  • 1st prize will be a Megaformer for the winner’s home Lagree practice
  • 2nd prize will be 3 months of classes at the winner’s Lagree Fitness studio
  • 3rd prize will be 1 month of classes at the winner’s Lagree Fitness studio

Tell Me About the Rules!

What’s a contest without rules? This contest will require simple submissions and a good deal of hard work. Rules are as follows:

  • Participants self-register, for free, at between April 24-30th, 2020.
  • Once you register, you must submit initial measurements and photos during the registration period, according to the Lagree Standard, with a full-body front view photo and a full-body profile photo.
  • Participants must take at least 2 Lagree Fitness classes in-studio each week spanning May 1st, 2020, through May 31st, 2020.
  • Final measurements and photos must be submitted by June 2nd, 2020.

*Remember that the preferred backdrop for photos is your Lagree Studio of choice and that you can share your challenge journey using #megaformerchallenge.

Tell Me Who Can Enter!

This contest is open to clients of Lagree Fitness as well as studio owners, studio managers, and Lagree instructors. Men and women can enter and will be judged in separate categories. There is no entry fee and participation is completely voluntary.

Tell Me the Dates to Remember!

  • June 3rd, 2020: The Lagree system will calculate weight and inches lost to find the finalists in each category.
  • June 4th, 2020: Finalists will be assessed for accuracy.
  • June 5th and 6th, 2020: Participants place their votes for who will win.
  • June 7th, 2020: Lagree Fitness will announce the winners of the 2020 May Megaformer Challenge.

Tell Me Why I Should Enter

This challenge is for anyone who is ready to take their Lagree Fitness practice to the next level. The May dates make for a perfect time to prepare for the summer months when you’ll be showing off your transformation in swimsuits and summer clothes. You’ll compete with over 600 global participants who will push and encourage you to reach for the stars. If the excitement is not enough motivation, the prizes are!


Join the Lagree Fitness 5th Annual May Megaformer Challenge in April and enter to win amazing prizes while transforming your body into the best shape ever.