How Does the Lagree Method Yield Such Quick Results

Innovative Equipment, Patented Methods and Highly Trained Instructors Set Lagree Apart

The first edition of Lagree fitness was born in 1998 when Sebastien Lagree developed a new way to reach unprecedented results in record time using foundations of Pilates movements and a desire to change the fitness industry entirely. With a passion for fitness innovation and ever-changing evolution in design and methodology, Sebastien developed a system for body conditioning that had never been done before. This new, all-encompassing fitness method quickly grew in popularity and was immediately known as the fastest, most effective way to see results in as little as a few classes. Celebrities and existing fitness lovers alike would flock to take Sebastien’s classes, knowing that the Lagree method was (and is) different from all the rest.

Foundations: The Lagree Equipment

From the very beginnings of the Lagree Fitness system in 1998, Sebastien knew that he could improve upon the equipment currently being used. In 2006, Sebastien designed, built and released the Proformer. This improved, revised, and updated reformer completely changed the game concerning the efficiency of the Lagree training practice. He modified the original design with added platforms, handlebars, and counter-resistance, making target exercises even easier to build and master. The Lagree equipment makes focusing on specific muscle groups and truly targeting “problem areas” simple and intense at the same time.

Since its original design, the Proformer has evolved and changed, allowing Sebastien’s vision to grow and become pin-point precise with new developments and technology. Lagree Fitness equipment has evolved and changed over a dozen times as new knowledge of fitness and health is revealed, and the machines just keep getting better. Sebastien holds over 80 patents on his equipment and method, and the reasons are clear: Lagree has changed the face of fitness as we know it.

The Lagree Method: Total Body Conditioning

The unique, full-body workout that the Lagree method provides is one of the main reasons for its effectiveness. Targeting the whole body with high-intensity and surprisingly low-impact movements, Lagree Fitness’ methods are one of a kind. The combination of focused movements and precise speed and pacing instruction helps to make every minute of a Lagree class count.

What is the focus of the Lagree fitness method?

  • Balance
  • Cardio
  • Core
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Strength

Sebastien Lagree makes sure that every Lagree workout delivers the highest impact possible so that clients will feel and see results in no time at all. He uses science-driven research and tireless perfecting to create an environment for clients to tone, strengthen, and tighten their entire body. The Lagree method delivers top-tier results for total-body conditioning while being accessible to people of all ages and body types.

Certified Instructors Make A World of Difference

Because the Lagree Fitness method is fully patented, instructors are expected to follow a rigorous training curriculum. Intense and dedicated training equips every Lagree instructor to help clients reach their goals as quickly and safely as possible. Continued education is encouraged so that new techniques and improved exercises are available to all clients. Because the Lagree method, equipment, and education are born of Sebastien’s passion for his craft, the training of his instructors must be of the highest magnitude.

Reveal Your Potential with Lagree Fitness

Sebastien Lagree continues to stay at the forefront of fitness evolution, upgrading and improving his methods, training programs and equipment as he learns. The Lagree Fitness family is dedicated to the unparalleled body-conditioning methods that the Lagree system provides. The specialized training and equipment combine to reveal toned, tightened and strengthened bodies for clients willing to give it a try.


Your Lagree body is waiting! Contact our team to discuss your goals and how the Lagree fitness method can change your life.